How to Build A Thriving Music Career

The phrase, “As an artiste” gets thrown around a lot. Pause and think for a minute though; how do you want the world to see you, hear you, and know you? What label do you want to be tagged with? How do you express your purest, rawest and realest self through your voice, your craft, your ART? How do you get people to experience your art, like it, like you, follow you, and pay you? How do you make your brand speak for you and bring you value? All these and more are the unending questions that go through your mind, “as an artiste”.

This course isn’t for every music enthusiast. It’s also not for any and everyone who records and releases music or poetry. It is specifically for those who believe deep down that their art will outlive them, who know they’re in this for the long haul and not just a flash in the pan or candle in the wind, those ready to put in the degree of intentionality and consistency it takes to make generational impact. This course will replace your short-sighted lens with a helicopter view, helping you see your present for what it is – part of a much bigger picture, then help you chart your path to greatness.

You will learn:

  • Portions of African music history and how you can apply lessons from legends in your own journey
  • How to identify and define your sound, and uniqueness
  • Building your community
  • Creating your own platforms
  • Financing your Career and monetizing your art
  • Necessity and/or impact of side-hustles on your career
  • Building and sustaining industry relationships – making connections across the industry
  • Music business management

You have the talent, now learn the systems and strategies behind the business!

A 4 Week Course with Gaise Baba

AUG 9TH – AUG 30TH 2020

Investment: $80 | N30,000

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